The Clarity Product Line was introduced in 1987 at the NSCA (National Systems Contractors Association) show in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since that time the Clarity product line has continued to grow and evolve into a line of more than 50 quality products. Clarity Products include Pro Power" Amplifiers, Professional Power Mixer Amplifiers, wall mount amplifiers, monitor speakers, paging horns, ceiling Speakers, wall speakers, and  microphone.

Clarity strives to design and provide products that are rugged, long lasting and meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Because of this commitment to our customers and to the quality of our products many of the components that make up our products are designed and built in house. Computer Aided Design assists our engineers in developing equipment enclosures, printed circuit boards, transformers and other components that are used in our products. Every product is 100% tested to ensure that it first meets our quality standards and the performance expectations of our customers.

We do not take these commitments to our customers lightly. All of our products are backed by a one year manufacturer warranty. A team of Customer Service Specialists stand ready to answer questions regarding the specifications, operation and installation of Clarity products. Should you require assistance designing a system, contact our Customer Service Specialists. They can advise what equipment is required and can assist in the layout of a system when provided with a set of architectural plans.

It is this level of commitment to our customers and to ourselves that set us apart from other manufacturers of commercial sound products.

As we move into the 21st Century, Clarity will continue to listen to our customers as we strive to provide feature rich quality American made products to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Clarity products are available through General Line Electronics Distributors and sound contractors. If you are a distributor or sound contractor and interested in purchasing American Made Clarity products, you may contact one of our sales representatives or Clarity through our "Contact Us" page.

Please take the time to look at our product pages. Should the opportunity arise, we ask that you try our products in your next installation. If you are already using Clarity products, thank you.